To generate constant innovation and excellent product quality, objective testing technology suitable for industrial processes is required.

With its work and the use of efficient testing systems, our department for testing technology ensures compliance with high quality standards at every stage of product development.

Fields of Activity

  • Mechanical Calucation & Finite Elements (FE) Simulation
  • Thermal Calculation & CFD Simulation
  • Thermal Storage & Tests for Alternating Climate
  • Lighting Calculation & Testing

Customer orientation is a top priority for us. On request, we prepare individually tailored evaluations and visualizations of the results.

Mechanical Calculation

With our knowledge and expertise, we perform FE simulations taking into account ambient temperatures, material behavior and moisture effects. We investigate the effects of moment loads and determine the voltage peaks as well as the deformation and fracture behavior of the individual components. In addition, we test components and systems for natural frequency behavior and assess the loading of axial-vectorial shock forces.

Thermal Calculation & Testing

In order to quickly eliminate any physical influences that may have a negative impact on the overall system and to be able to generate optimum solutions, we carry out CFD simulations with corresponding hardware tests. External factors such as ambient temperature, air flow, insolation or water influences are taken into account. Membranes and different materials of the individual components play an essential role for the thermal evaluation of the overall system. We identify and optimize hot-spot areas and create schematic, multi-color visualizations of the calculated temperature spread and also evaluate thermal radiation.

Lighting Calculation & Testing

As one of our core competencies, we test all developments and components in the lighting laboratory for conformity with the customer’s specification and with the simulation results. With the latest equipment we perform measurements on photogoniometer as well as integrating sphere. Furthermore, a mobile luminance camera also enables us to perform homogeneity evaluations of luminaires, field tests and test drives at the customer’s site. An understandable processing of the results is a matter of course for us.

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